Boat trip from Champlain Marina to New York City

Cruising from Champlain Marina to New York City is an awesome boating experience.

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Here is a brief photo overview of that trip.You don’t need a big boat to make this cruise and have a great time.
If you have a very large boat with high clearance, there a couple of bridge heights you should verify when planning the trip.The trip is a little over 300 miles each way. If you cruise 20 to 25 miles per hour on good water, it takes two and half days each way. So, if you have a week and nothing breaks down, you can spend two days in New York City. We usually go to a dinner and show and then may use the last day to ride though Long Island Sound.If you have more time, it is only about 110 miles to Atlantic City and another 40 or so to Cape May,
New Jersey. If you cast off at first light, and calm seas, you can be there for lunch.With good weather, you can run off shore and the ocean can be as calm and flat as Lake Champlain. It can also get ugly so
know where the inlets are and be sure to check the weather – often.

boat sundown at the dock
Ready to cast off.The “fleet” should be more than one boat in case of a
breakdown.Reservations can be problem
with too many boats.
Two to four boats works well.

photo of lazy bones at the dock

rail road fill opening for Malletts Bay
This is the opening in the (abandoned) Colchester Railroad
Causeway Bay to access Malletts Bay.New York City harbor is about
300 miles south.It usually takes us 2 1/2 days to get to NYC. We cruise at 20 to 25
mph with layovers at Schuylerville, Kingston and New York City.The New York Canal system begins 75 miles south.

photo of cruising under Chipman Bridge at the south end of Lake Champlain
Lake Champlain narrows at the south end and becomes very narrow,
like a swamp river, just north of Whitehall.

approaching Whitehall NY
Approaching Whitehall, New YorkThe north end of
Champlain Canal System
is at
Lock 12 in Whitehall.
Lock 12 Marina
is on the east side. They have fuel and a restaurant.
Whitehall Marina
is on the west side.

photo approaching Lock 12 at Whitehall New York
Approaching Lock 12The lock is straight ahead – look for the yellow lock gates. You can
tie up at a cement dock on the port side of the approach.Fenders get very dirty unless you wrap them and work gloves will
protect your hands from slimy ropes.The gates will open and you drive into the lock and grab a rope for the bow
and one for the aft..

photo of boats in large lock in Champlanin Canal while lock is drained
Locks are like stairs – you either go up or down.When going
uphill, the lock is drained, the gates open and boat enters. The
gates are closed behind the boats and the lock is then filled.When the lock is full, the gates at the exit end are
opened and the boat pulls out.Notice the ropes hanging down on the of this photo.

photo of enetering filled lock
This lock is being filled.In addition to ropes, the Champlain Canal locks have “pipes” to tie
up to. These pipes are counter-sunk into the concrete walls. Pull up
mid-ship to a pipe and wrap a rope around the pipe. This may be all
that is needed for smaller boats.

photo showing lock filled
This shows the lock completely filled.Notice the boat hook. You can use a boat hook from the bow and stern
to hold your boat away from the wall and minimize the dirt on the
fenders and rub rail.

multiple boats in thee lock
We have made this trip many times. Years ago, there was a lot
of traffic during the 4th of July week and locks were crowed.These days, we are often the only group.

cruising along in the canal
Cruising along in the canal. This a very leisurely part of the
trip.The Champlain Canal System is about 60 miles long. There are eleven
locks – even though the last is called lock 12. There is also a
federal lock at Troy/Albany.The speed limit is 10 miles per hour. If you go too fast, you have
to answer to the next lock master. Boats are timed and speeders may
be delayed at the next lock.

state police warning lazy bones about wake
Busted!!The canal is a no wake zone. This boater was only given a warning
because she was traveling LESS then the speed limit.

cruising canal at bridge
Bridge Ahead Large boats need to check the bridge heights before starting this
trip through the Champlain Canal System.

kids on the bridge overhead
Kids on the bridge overhead.Keep an eye on the bridges as you pass under. Although we have never
had any trouble, we have heard rumors that kids drop cinder
blocks from the bridges in the Harlem River.

dam on the canal
HEADS UP!!!!This is what a canal dam looks like.There are dams in the canal system. On our first trip, we nearly
went over the dam!When southbound, follow the west side of the canal to the lock.

boating in the canal in the rain
Rain or shine Unless you have plenty of time, you have to keep to the schedule
whether the weather is good or not. We make an exception for high
seas in the ocean.

schuylerville marina

Schuylerville Yacht Basin
is a favorite stop. This is a small family
run marina located about half way through the Champlain Canal
System.Depending on weather and locking events, this is usually about 9
hours from Champlain Marina.Gas is available here.

schyulerville yacht basin docks
HEADS UP!!It is important to enter the marina from the SOUTH.There are rocks under the bridge at the north of the marina. Left
photo shows south approach.

bridge at the marina

albany - troy town docks
The Albany / Troy town docks are just after the (Federal) last lock. The
town docks are located on the east of the river.

albany - troy bridge
Open water, up on plane and heading south to the second layover
at Kingston, NY – about seven hours cruise at our speeds.

lighthouse at entry to kingston channel
An old light house marks the entrance to Kingston from the
Hudson River.

kingston channel from hudson river to kingston waterfront
After the turn into the Kingston channel, it is about 20
minutes to the Kingston waterfront area.Gas is available along the channel as well as at least one of the

kingston waterfront
The waterfront has some retail stores and a few restaurants.There are a couple of marinas just past the town waterfront.There are town docks at the waterfront but no showers.

marina slips at kingsyon
The smaller boats can be packed two per slip
on a busy weekend.If it rains, our “Green Mountain Biminis” are fantastic. We are dry
and don’t care how crazy we look.

green mountaion bimini tarps

happy hour aboard nirvana
Happy Hour!We always look forward gathering on one boat for
happy hour at the end of a day on the water.

sunset at kingston
Sunset at Kingston.Tomorrow is a new day and we will be in New
York Harbor by noon.

nirvana breakdown
Breakdown!Always bring your tools because you just never know
when something is going to break.When cruising the Hudson after a storm, you will see all kinds of
strange things just under the surface. Things like telephone poles,
50 gallon drums, and other bizarre stuff.

cruising the hudson near west point
Keep moving south. This the Hudson River near West Point.

west point seen from the water
West Point. You can tie up here and go ashore for a tour.

nuke plant on the Hudson river
Here is the Indian Point nuclear plant 40 miles north of New York City.

karl swimming near the nuke plant
Come on in. The water warm here at Indian Point!

tappanzee bridge
You are getting near the city when you see the Tappan Zee Bridge.

entrance to harlem river
The Harlem River meets the Hudson River a couple of miles north of
the George Washington Bridge.If heading for Long Island and not stopping in New York City, you
take the Harlem River to Hell Gate on the East River and then out
into Long Island Sound.

george washington bridge
The sight of the George Washington Bridge means the city is
very close.

new york city sunrise
New York City!!

photo of grey goose passing NYC towers
Grey Goose passing the towers before 9/11

choppy harbor waves
Hang On!!!The wake in New York Harbor is fierce. There are boats everyplace –
big boats, little boats, commercial boats, ferries and they are all
moving and creating wakes.

tug boat in harbor
Nobody even thinks about the rules of the road. If you
see a boat coming at you, you had better get out of the way.

linclon marina
There several good marinas located along the west side of the
Hudson River in New Jersey. There are water taxis and regular taxi
service for getting into the city.We prefer

liberty landing marina
because it
HAS NO WAKE. The others all have tremendous wakes even in the slip.
The wake stops at !:00 AM when the ferry boats stop running.

trump casino
You can extend your trip to include Atlantic
City and Cape may New Jersey – about 125 miles running offshore.
Farley Marina
is a NJ state park located in front of
Trump Castle. The casino is at the end of the dock.

photo of Trump Castle in Atlanticc City New Jersey

sunrise at cape may new jersey
Cape May, New Jersey is great destination. It is an old sea
shore town with lots of Victorian B & Bs, restaurants and quaint
shopping area. There are bike rentals so you can tour the area.

crusing into the rising sun
Homeward bound. Sooner or later, you have to go back home.The best way is to run offshore and avoid the ICW. We always check
the weather and leave at first light. The waves seem to get larger
as the day goes on.With smooth water, you can be back in New York Harbor before